Our Definition

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby we recognise that our business operations and processes may have an impact on social, economic, and environmental issues outside of the workplace. It also demonstrates our commitment to ensuring and maintaining socially responsible behaviour in our organisation.

Our Policy

We are aware that the running of our business will, in many ways, affect our place of work, the community and the wider environment in which we operate. We believe that the way we run our business can and should make a positive difference in these areas and we aim to ensure that continued authentic efforts are made to achieve that. We have aligned our policy with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria defined originally by the United Nations in the Principles for Responsible Investment in 2006, as well as our company objectives.

Our corporate social responsibilities are identifiable in the following areas:

Our people. We aim to: 

• Promote our company values and behaviours including respect, integrity, positivity, pride and teamwork
• Encourage personal development, education and training 
• Recognise success and loyalty 
• Provide a safe and healthy working environment 
• Reward our people fairly and equitably
• Promote inclusivity and equal opportunities 
• Maintain an open and honest approach in all our communications
• Support mental and physical health and wellbeing
• Have robust processes to handle and store personal information

The environment. We aim to: 

• Reduce the energy and water that we consume
• Limit the waste that we produce, especially paper waste
• Source energy from renewable sources, where possible
• Recycle the waste products that we cannot yet eliminate 
• Consider the carbon impact of digital technology
• Travel less and, where unavoidable, travel sustainably

With our suppliers. We require them to demonstrate: 

• Open and honest relationship 
• Ethical working practices
• Good working conditions and respect for their people
• Excellent health, safety, environmental and quality standards
• Good management systems and respect for personal data

For our local community. We aim to:

• Support local businesses
• Look after the local environment and minimise noise pollution
• Support local charitable causes
• Engage with local community initiatives 

For our customers. We aim to:

• Share clear and honest information 
• Provide proactive responses to customer feedback
• Partner with our customers to help them to achieve their sustainability goals 

With our products. We aim to:

• Work towards increased sustainability as materials and technology become available
• Produce reliable, long-lasting goods with replaceable parts where possible 
• Use recycled and recyclable materials in our products and our packaging  
• Minimise carbon miles and promote a sustainable Supply Chain 

Please contact us for any further information on our policy +44(0)20 8591 6770 or email [email protected].