As sustainable, eco-friendly practices are on the rise, Protocol work hard to understand the significance of the environmental impact products and materials have within our industry.

To make your process of sourcing beautiful furnishings that are eco-friendly and sustainable easier, we have listed some of our favourite upholstery collections from popular suppliers that are eco-friendly!

Camira are an upholstery supplier and will be soon launching Oceanic, a fabric born of the SEAQUAL initiative designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. Oceanic is a highly durable woven textile, made entirely from recycled plastic taken from both land and sea, with each metre containing the equivalent of 26 plastic bottles. Oceanic is ideal for inclusion in a wide range of modern interiors, available in 16 different colour shades combining muted, neutral hues with soft pastels and deep bolds.

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Panaz are an upholstery supplier and the industry first to introduce a contract quality, 100% recycled polyester basecloth for print. ecoTWILL™ is made in England and is a truly sustainable, low carbon footprint basecloth for upholstery, allowing architects and designers to specify a fire-retardant standard fabric, which is a durable, eco-friendly product for hospitality and workspace contract environments. Woven with yarns manufactured from recycled plastic, each metre of ecoTWILL™ repurposes dozens of 500ml plastic bottles into a desirable, long-lasting fabric which itself is recyclable at end of life.

Sileather is a pioneer in performance leather made of 100% silicone. As a silicone textiles company, Sileather™ strives to offer the world a better solution of eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to clean, weatherproof and highly durable performance fabrics that can be applied in various applications, even in extreme environments. Silicone is a unique material because of its sustainable qualities – it is one of the most common elements found in nature. Not only is silicone less intrusive on the environment, but the production of silicone is less taxing on natural resources. It takes less water, raw material and electricity to produce compared to PU and PVC. Sileather™ meets the high standards demanded by furniture upholstery but without harmful additives or toxic-by-products.

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