As you may have seen, we recently completed a project for Mickeys Beach, a brand-new restaurant, bar and cafe/patisserie located on Exmouth seafront. We spoke with owner of Mickeys Beach and Michelin star Chef Michael Caines to find out more about the design inspiration and his involvement with the project.

Could you give us a little background about Mickeys Beach?

I was introduced to the plans to create a large watersport venue and restaurant on Exmouth seafront around 5 years ago, which is when I first got involved in the project and started on the design concept. Building works on Mickeys Beach started late 2019 and throughout last year but were unfortunately delayed due to Covid. We opened the cafe/patisserie first and then the restaurant followed on 17th May when indoor restrictions lifted. It’s going great so far; we have been busy and are excited for what the future holds.

Can you give an overview of the original brief for the project?

The secret is in the name ‘Mickeys Beach’, in the first instance Mickey used to be my nickname as a kid and we are by the beach! It made sense to create a venue with a funky, laid back vibe to tie in with the seafront location and attract customers of all ages. I also wanted an adaptive space that could transition well between day and night, so the venue could be used for multi-purposes.

How much involvement did you have with the project?

I had a big involvement with the project from initial design to application. I worked closely with the designers Design Command and assisted in finalizing interior, finishes and furniture choices. It has been great seeing this project come to life.

What important factors did you consider when it came to narrowing down furniture options?

First and foremost, the furniture needed to fit in with the theme of Mickeys Beach and be stylish yet practical. I wanted lightweight chairs and tables that were easy to move around if needed, hardwearing materials and low maintenance, easy to clean fabrics.

Would you recommend Protocol to others, and if so, why?

Yes, I would. I was very happy with the service Protocol provided me. They were very responsive throughout, whether it be helping with any challenges or answering general questions. I was happy to call upon their expertise to assist me and overall, I am really happy with the final outcome of the project.

Thanks to Michael Caines for taking the time to discuss Mickeys Beach in more detail with us. Click here to view the project on our website or contact us to discuss any upcoming projects you are working on.