• Stackable

Barstool with monochrome or bi-injected moulding polypropylene shell and steel tube frame. Glossy finish on the back of the shell, matt and scratch resistant on the frontal shell. Frame chromed or powder coated. Height 75 cm. Version with monochrome shell not available with orange leg finish.

Dimensions: W: 520 D: 530 H: 1090 SH: 750 mm

Weight: 6 kg

Box volume: 0, 455 m³

Materials: Metal, Plastic

PED Polypropylene BI-BE
PED Polypropylene BI-GA
PED Polypropylene BI-NE
PED Polypropylene BI-AF
PED Polypropylene BI-VE
PED Polypropylene BI
PED Polypropylene NE
PED Polypropylene BE
PED Polypropylene AR
PED Steel CN
PED Polypropylene BI-GI
PED Polypropylene BI-RO
PED Metal AR300 Orange
PED Metal RO100 Red
PED Stainless Steel CR
PED Metal BI100 White
PED Metal VE200 Green
PED Metal BI300 White
PED Metal GA Anthracite Grey
PED Metal BE200 Beige
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