Bar stool, solid wooden frame with comfortable rest for the feet while sitting. Available in a range of ash and beech pigments.

    Dimensions: W: 454 D: 504 H: 980 SH: 780 mm

    Weight: 6.3 kg

    Box volume: 0, 302 m³

    Materials: Wood

    TON Antique Classic
    TON B52 Blue Berries
    TON B54 Mountain Fjord
    TON B53 Opal Blue
    TON B50 Moon Grey
    TON B37 Ocean Blue
    TON B32 Ginger Yellow
    TON B38 Grey Shadow
    TON B40 Nude Pink
    TON B41 Salmon Pink
    TON B42 Coral Orange
    TON B43 Ruby Red
    TON B44 Creamy Yellow
    TON B45 Aqua Green
    TON B46 Turquoise Green
    TON B47 Pine Green
    TON B48 Baby Blue
    TON B49 Cloud Grey
    TON B31 Sandy Beige
    TON B112 Dark Chocolate
    TON B105 Dark Wenge
    TON B276 White Powder
    TON Natural Beech
    TON B4 Coffee
    TON B55 Ashy Blue
    TON B61 Lichen Green
    TON B95 Taupe Pink
    TON Natural Oak
    TON Natural Ash
    TON Natural American Walnut
    TON B20 White
    TON B123 Black Grain
    TON B114 Nougat
    TON B115 Granite
    TON B116 Honey
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