A traditional cocktail lounge chair with curved back and tapered leg. Fully upholstered in the fabric of your choice. Available in different wood finishes. 

Dimensions: W: 640 D: 680 H: 780 SH: 410 mm

Weight: 16 kg

Materials: Wood

Minimum order quantity: 1

Fabric & Leather consumption

Fabric: 2.05 m

Leather: 3.4 m²

CMC Beech 137.A1
CMC Beech 136.A1
CMC Beech RAL 9005.C3
CMC Beech RAL 9003.C3
CMC Beech RAL 9005.B3
CMC Beech RAL 9003.B3
CMC Beech 870.B3
CMC Beech 850.B3
CMC Beech 205.A1
CMC Beech 507.A3
CMC Beech 700.B3
CMC Beech 701.B3
CMC Beech 820.B3
CMC Beech 840.B3
CMC Beech 860.B3
CMC Beech 134.A3
CMC Beech 131.A1
CMC Beech 132.A2
CMC Beech 133.A2
CMC Beech 138.A1
CMC Beech 139.A1
CMC Beech 142.A2
CMC Beech 201.43
CMC Beech 124.A2
CMC Beech 118.A2
CMC Beech 120.A3
CMC Beech 121.A2
CMC Beech 122.A2
CMC Beech 123.A2
CMC Beech 125.A3
CMC Beech 127.A3
CMC Beech 128.A2
CMC Beech 100.A1
CMC Ash 102.A2
CMC Beech 109.A2
CMC Beech 110.A3
CMC Beech 115.A2
CMC Beech 116.A3
CMC Beech 117.A3
CMC Ash RAL 9005.C3
CMC Ash RAL 9005.B3
CMC Ash RAL 9003.C3
CMC Ash RAL 9003.B3
CMC Ash 870.B3
CMC Ash 860.B3
CMC Ash 850.B3
CMC Ash 840.B3
CMC Ash 820.B3
CMC Ash 701.B3
CMC Ash 507.A3
CMC Ash 138.A1
CMC Ash 139.A1
CMC Ash 141.A3
CMC Ash 142.A2
CMC Ash 201.A3
CMC Ash 205.A1
CMC Ash 700.B3
CMC Ash 136.A1
CMC Ash 128.A2
CMC Ash 110.A3
CMC Ash 131.A1
CMC Ash 132.A2
CMC Ash 134.A3
CMC Ash 137.A1
CMC Ash 133.A2
CMC Ash 122.A2
CMC Ash 118.A2
CMC Ash 120.A3
CMC Ash 121.A2
CMC Ash 123.A2
CMC Ash 124.A2
CMC Ash 125.A3
CMC Ash 127.A3
CMC Ash 100.A1
CMC Ash 117.A3
CMC Ash 116.A3
CMC Ash 115.A2
CMC Ash 109.A2
CMC Beech 102.A2
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