Lighthouse furniture is a charity located down the road from Protocol, selling second-hand furniture in aid of the poor, homeless and destitute. They are open to everybody but about half of the customers have a low income, most of them will be on benefits like Housing Benefit, Income Support or Pension Credit, which means they are able to get a discount on our sale price of about 15 – 20%.

The money from the sale of these items will be put towards funding starter packs and essential furniture which are used to assist people who are destitute. In April, Essex County Council cut their funding to the local Welfare Assistance scheme by 60% making it very hard for those in need.

Lighthouse works closely with the local council’s Housing Needs department to supply homeless people not only with essential furniture but also crockery, cutlery and bedding. These starter packs really make a difference to people who quite often have been through major crisis and are feeling very low, to get back on their feet, restoring their dignity and giving back some self-esteem.

Since Protocol moved to its current location in Brentwood, Essex, we have been a partner and supporter of Lighthouse furniture, by donating furniture that is no longer fit for the contract market. If you are looking for nice, affordable second-hand furniture, or simply want to show your support to this great charity, visit them at: Unit 27, Tallon Road in Hutton Industrial Estate, Brentwood, Essex.